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In the competitive online trading landscape, xChief is a significant broker with its comprehensive suite of trading platforms and instruments. xChief offers traders global access to financial markets through the highly acclaimed platforms MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5. This broker providing a range of account types to suit various trading preferences and requirements for novice and experienced traders

This forex trading broker review will explore xChief’s role and relevance in the trading industry and highlight its commitment to facilitating accessible and efficient trading experiences.

xChief: Overview


Established: 2013
Headquarters: Fomboni, Comoros
Trading Platforms: MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5
Mobile Trading: Yes
Minimum Deposit: $1
Account Types: CENT, Classic+, DirectFX, xPRIME

xChief was established in 2013 and headquartered in Fomboni, Comoros. xChief broker is a dynamic online trading platform that caters to a global audience of traders. Known for its user-friendly interfaces and broad access to financial markets, xChief offers modern trading platforms, including the popular MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5. These platforms are renowned for their robust features, such as advanced charting tools, automated trading capabilities, and extensive market analysis tools, which are essential for novice and seasoned traders.

A key feature of xChief is its PAMM (Percentage Allocation Management Module) system, which is excellent for investors who prefer not to trade directly but still want to invest in the markets. This system allows investors to put their money into accounts managed by seasoned traders. It’s transparent, allowing investors to see how different managers perform before deciding whom to trust with their funds. This is particularly useful for newer traders who can benefit from the experience of professional traders, potentially minimizing risks and enhancing returns.

Regulation and Registration

xChief broker is regulated by the Mwali International Services Authority as an International Brokerage and Clearing House under the International Companies Act of 2006. This broker has registration number HY00923433 and is licensed under T2023379. This authorization allows xChief to offer extensive financial services on a global scale. 

Additionally, it is noteworthy that the Mwali International Services Authority’s regulatory oversight differs from the more widely recognized Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (VFSC), which may involve different regulatory standards and investor protection measures. This detail is significant for traders considering the regulatory environment as a key factor in their decision-making process.

Account Types of xChief


CENT Account

  • Minimum Deposit: No minimum deposit
  • Spreads: From 0.9 pips
  • Max Leverage: 1:500
  • Commissions: None
  • Trading Instruments: 35+ forex, metals

Classic+ Account

  • Minimum Deposit: $10
  • Spreads: From 0.6 pips
  • Max Leverage: 1:1000
  • Commissions: None
  • Trading Instruments: 50+ forex, metals, commodities, indexes

DirectFX Account

  • Minimum Deposit: $50
  • Spreads: From 0.3 pips
  • Max Leverage: 1:1000
  • Commissions: $2.5 / €2.5 / £2.5 per lot per side
  • Trading Instruments: 150+ forex, metals, commodities, indexes, stocks, cryptocurrency

xPRIME Account

  • Minimum Deposit: $2,000
  • Spreads: From 0 pips
  • Max Leverage: 1:1000
  • Commissions: $3 / €3 / £3 / ₣3 / ¥500 per lot per side
  • Trading Instruments: 150+ forex, metals, commodities, indexes, stocks, cryptocurrency

Deposit and Withdrawal

xChief offers a range of deposit and withdrawal options designed to cater to various preferences, ensuring convenience and efficiency in managing trading funds. Cryptocurrency transactions through Binance Pay and direct crypto deposits are processed instantly without fees, supporting major cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, USDT, and USDC. Similarly, deposits via Perfect Money are also swift, although they incur a 1.99% fee and are available in USD and EUR. 

For withdrawals, Perfect Money charges a 2% fee with a minimum of 5 USD. It takes up to 7 business days, while crypto withdrawals are more efficient, taking only 1 business day with a minimal fee of 0.5%. These options provide traders with flexibility, allowing them to choose the method that best suits their needs for quick access or cost-efficiency.

Products in xChief

xChief offers a diverse portfolio of trading products catering to various investor preferences and strategies. This variety ensures that traders can engage with multiple asset classes through a single platform, enhancing their trading experience and opportunities for portfolio diversification.

  • Forex
  • Metals
  • Commodities
  • Indexes
  • Stocks
  • Cryptocurrency

Trading Platform of xChief

To improve trading efficiency, xChief offers its members cutting-edge trading platforms. These platforms have sophisticated tools and technologies that facilitate a range of trading techniques in volatile financial markets and are designed to satisfy traders’ varied needs. 

  • MetaTrader 4
  • MetaTrader 5

Fees of xChief

xChief offers a structured fee system across various account types, ensuring transparency and competitive pricing to suit different trading strategies. The CENT account, ideal for beginners, offers zero minimum deposit and commission-free trading with spreads starting from 0.9 pips. Then, the Classic+ and DirectFX accounts also offer commission-free trading, but with lower spreads beginning at 0.6 and 0.3 pips. 

For professional traders, the xPRIME account provides the tightest spreads from 0 pips and a commission rate starting at $3 per lot per side, reflecting its more sophisticated dealing technology through an ECN system. 

xChief Promotions

Forex trading broker review

xChief provides an enticing array of promotions and bonuses to benefit traders at all experience levels. The “Gold Whale” contest allows participants to win a share of a $5000 prize pool in a competitive trading environment. The “Loyalty Pro” program offers a recovery path for those looking for support after losses, encouraging continuous trading with enhanced confidence. Additionally, xChief incentivizes the creation of new Investment Funds with a $1000 bonus aimed at experienced traders. 

New clients can enjoy a Welcome Bonus of up to $500 matching their initial deposit, which becomes withdrawable after meeting specific trading volumes. Moreover, a $100 No-Deposit Bonus is available for xChief users who want to test out the services without making any upfront payments. On top of monetary incentives, active traders can receive physical rewards like Macbooks, iPhones, and other Apple products and branded merchandise through various promotions.

Customer Support

Pros & Cons

  • Low spreads and competitive trading conditions
  • Support for both MT4 and MT5 platforms
  • No deposit or withdrawal fees
  • Negative balance protection for clients
  • Not available in the USA, Canada, and some other countries
  • Limited educational resources for beginners
  • PAMM services available but no MAM

Pros Explained

  • xChief offers low spreads, which can significantly reduce trading costs for its users. This can enhance traders trading experience and potentially increase profitability.
  • The availability of MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and MetaTrader 5 (MT5) platforms caters to a broad range of trading preferences. These platforms are well-regarded for their robust features, including advanced charting tools, algorithmic trading capabilities, and comprehensive market analysis tools, suitable for beginners and experienced traders.
  • The absence of deposit and withdrawal charges makes xChief more accessible and reduces the overall cost of trading for its clients. This feature is particularly beneficial for traders who need to move funds frequently or who operate with smaller margins.
  • Negative balance protection feature protects traders from losing more money than they have in their accounts. It is an important safety feature that ensures clients do not owe the broker money in volatile market conditions.

Cons Explained

  • Restrictions on offering services in certain jurisdictions, such as the USA and Canada, can limit the broker’s accessibility to traders in these regions. This may be due to regulatory environments that do not align with the broker’s licensing and compliance frameworks.
  • Educational resources are necessary for new traders to understand the markets and develop trading skills. Limited resources can impede their ability to learn effectively, potentially affecting their success in trading.
  • xChief offers Percentage Allocation Management Module (PAMM) accounts, which allow investors to allocate their money in proportion to the trades of a manager/trader. However, it does not provide Multi-Account Manager (MAM) services. MAM accounts offer more flexibility for managing multiple accounts with different leverages and using other strategies. This limitation could affect traders or account managers who prefer more control over their trading strategies and allocations.

Is xChief  Worth Considering?

forex trading broker review

xChief might be suitable for traders looking for diverse trading instruments and flexible account options coupled with competitive trading conditions such as low spreads and high leverage. The availability of demo accounts also supports a wide range of trader needs and requirements, while promotions and bonuses add further value.

However, it’s important to be fully aware of the potential downsides. xChief’s regulation under the Mwali International Services Authority may not provide as stringent oversight as more recognized regulatory bodies like the FCA or SEC, which could be a concern for those prioritizing strong regulatory safeguards. The limited educational resources might not fully meet the needs of novice traders. Additionally, geographical restrictions mean the service is unavailable in several key markets including the USA and Canada. 

Carefully evaluate how xChief aligns with your trading strategies, risk tolerance, and educational needs before deciding. Conducting thorough research and consulting with financial advisors can help ensure your brokerage choice is well-informed.


1. What is xChief?

xChief is an online trading platform that provides access to various financial markets, including forex, metals, commodities, indexes, stocks, and cryptocurrencies. It caters to traders worldwide, offering advanced trading platforms like MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5, alongside a range of account types and trading conditions.

2. Is xChief broker regulated?

Yes, xChief is regulated by the Mwali International Services Authority under the International Brokerage and Clearing House License. This license permits a broad scope of financial activities but is less recognized than regulatory bodies like the FCA or SEC, which might affect perceptions of its regulatory stringency.

3. What types of accounts does xChief broker offer?

xChief offers several account types for different trader needs, including CENT, Classic+, DirectFX, and xPRIME accounts.

4. Does xChief broker offer educational resources for traders?

xChief provides some educational resources, but the offerings are relatively limited compared to other brokers. The available resources are suitable for getting basic knowledge, yet they may only partially meet the needs of new traders seeking comprehensive educational support.

5. What are the fees associated with xChief broker?

xChief offers competitive trading conditions, including low spreads and access to high leverage. Fees vary by account type; for example, the CENT account has no minimum deposit requirement and no commissions, while the xPRIME account might involve tighter spreads but higher commissions. There are no fees for deposits or withdrawals, which enhances the trading experience by reducing the overall cost.

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