The 10 Best Railway Stocks in India for 2024

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Best Railway Stocks in India

India’s railway system is one of the world’s largest rail networks and a dynamic sector with investment opportunities. These tracks, trains, and stations play an important role in the Indian economy, shaping the daily lives of millions. For investors, the railway sector in India offers a unique blend of stability and growth potential, driven by continual government investments and a strong demand for transportation. The appeal of railway stocks lies in their ability to capture the core of India’s economic progress. 

As we explore the best railway stocks in India, it’s crucial to understand the complexities of this sector. This comprehensive guide aims to navigate the complexities, providing insights into the top railway stocks that promise returns and a stake in India’s economic journey.

An Overview of the Railway Sector in India

India’s railway sector is massive, connecting millions of people across the country. It’s beyond just transportation because it’s a key part of India’s growth. Over time, the railways have modernized, moving from old steam trains to fast electric ones, showing India’s progress. This sector provides many jobs and contributes significantly to the country’s earnings. It’s going through big changes with more investments in better trains, stations, and technology. There’s also a new focus on partnerships with private companies, creating new investment opportunities. 

For investors, the railway sector offers a mix of steady demand and potential for growth, especially in shipment, passenger services, and infrastructure development. Understanding this sector is important for anyone looking to balance risks and rewards when investing in railway stocks. Next, we’ll explore India’s best 10 railway stocks, looking at their market values, stock prices, and more to guide potential investors.

The Best 10 Railway Stocks in India

Certain stocks stand out in the Indian Railway sector for their excellent performance and potential for growth. We’ll explore the 10 best railway stocks in India, which are based on their market capitalization, share price, PE ratio, and dividend yield per annum.

CompanyStock TickerMarket CapShare PricePE RatioDividend Yield per Annum
1. Bharat Earth Movers LimitedNSE: BEML₹143.75B ₹3,421.6586.680.22%
2. Bharat Electronics LimitedNSE: BEL₹1.62T₹223.5545.360.90%
3. Container Corporation of India LimitedNSE: CONCOR₹560.76B₹911.3545.801.20%
4. Indian Railway Catering Tourism Corporation LtdNSE: IRCTC₹811.20B₹1,014.8073.430.56%
5. Indian Railway Finance Corporation LtdNSE: IRFC₹1.92T₹147.5031.571.02%
6. Ircon International LtdNSE: IRCON₹216.22B₹232.5523.001.31%
7. RITES LtdNSE: RITES₹164.21B₹694.0035.602.78%
8. Rail Vikas Nigam LtdNSE: RVNL₹545.86B₹264.2039.600.81%
9. Texmaco Rail & Engineering LtdNSE: TEXRAIL₹68.71B₹173.5565.070.09%
10. Titagarh Rail Systems LtdNSE: TITAGARH₹127.85B₹956.0546.120.05%

1. Bharat Earth Movers Limited

Best Railway Stocks in India

Stock Ticker: NSE: BEML
Market Cap: ₹143.75B
Share Price: ₹3,421.65
Dividend Yield per Annum: 0.22%


The first company on the best railway stocks in India list is Bharat Earth Movers Limited. The company was established in 1964, diversifies its focus across mining & construction, defense & aerospace, and rail & metro sectors. Renowned for its manufacturing capabilities, BEML significantly contributes to India’s urban metro infrastructure with its range of metro coaches and other railway products. Its portfolio includes railway coaches, utility vehicles, and specialized track equipment. BEML extends its expertise to maintenance services and has a strong presence in international markets. The company appreciates government support as a public sector undertaking and ensures financial stability and growth opportunities. With its multi-sector involvement and strong backing, BEML presents itself as a compelling investment choice in the Indian Railway and infrastructure sector.

2. Bharat Electronics Limited

Best Railway Stocks in India

Stock Ticker: NSE: BEL
Market Cap: ₹1.62T
Share Price: ₹223.55
Dividend Yield per Annum: 0.90%


The second company on the best railway stocks in India list is Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL). The company was established in 1954, primarily manufactures advanced electronic products for the defense sector. Expanding into the railway industry, BEL offers electronic systems for signaling and communication, enhancing railway safety and efficiency. Known for financial stability, the company benefits from continuous demand in defense and other government sectors. Its focus on R&D and indigenization has established BEL as an innovative technology leader. Its venture into the railway sector and defense makes it an appealing option for investors looking at diversified public sector enterprises.

3. Container Corporation of India Limited

Best Railway Stocks in India

Stock Ticker: NSE: CONCOR
Market Cap: ₹560.76B
Share Price: ₹911.35
Dividend Yield per Annum: 1.20%


The third company on the best railway stocks in India list is Container Corporation of India Limited (CONCOR). This company was established in 1988 under the Indian Railways. The company specializes in containerized transport and logistics and plays an important role in India’s supply chain by providing efficient cargo transport solutions, including rail and road. With a vast network of inland container depots and container freight stations, CONCOR integrates seamless multimodal logistics services nationwide. It is a key to enhancing India’s trade and commerce through its efficient, cost-effective logistics solutions. Financially, CONCOR has consistently performed well, leveraging its strong position in the logistics sector. Its strategic role in supporting India’s growing international trade makes it an attractive option for investors interested in the logistics and transportation segment.

4. Indian Railway Catering Tourism Corporation Ltd

Best Railway Stocks in India

Stock Ticker: NSE: IRCTC
Market Cap: ₹811.20B
Share Price: ₹1,014.80
Dividend Yield per Annum: 0.56%


The forth company on the best railway stocks in India list is Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Ltd (IRCTC). The company was a subsidiary of the Indian Railways established in 1999. It is at the forefront of revolutionizing railway hospitality and tourism in India. Renowned for managing online ticketing operations for the railways, IRCTC has become synonymous with convenience and efficiency in rail travel. Beyond ticketing, its catering services provide food on trains and at stations, enhancing the passenger experience. IRCTC also organizes and promotes tourism through special tour packages and luxury trains. IRCTC stands out for its innovative revenue streams and strong growth, benefiting from the constant high demand for rail travel and tourism services. This unique positioning in online services, catering, and tourism makes IRCTC an excellent choice for investors interested in India’s burgeoning travel and hospitality sector.

5. Indian Railway Finance Corporation Ltd

Best Railway Stocks in India

Stock Ticker: NSE: IRFC
Market Cap: ₹1.92T
Share Price: ₹147.50
Dividend Yield per Annum: 1.02%


The fifth company on the best railway stocks in India list is Indian Railway Finance Corporation Ltd (IRFC). This company was established in 1986, functions as the financial arm of the Indian Railways. The company’s primary role is to raise capital from the market to fund the acquisition of rolling stock assets, which are then leased to the Indian Railways. IRFC plays an important role in financing the expansion and modernization of the railway infrastructure in India. Known for its strong financial model, the corporation consistently demonstrates strong profitability and return on investment performance. IRFC’s ability to raise funds at competitive costs and its strategic importance in supporting the Indian Railways’ growth plans make it a compelling option for investors. Its unique position in the financial ecosystem of India’s railway sector underscores its investment appeal.

6. Ircon International Ltd

Ircon International Ltd

Stock Ticker: NSE: IRCON
Market Cap: ₹216.22B
Share Price: ₹232.55
Dividend Yield per Annum: 1.31%


The sixth company on the best railway stocks in India list is Ircon International Ltd. The company was founded in 1976, is a government-owned engineering and construction company. The company primarily focused on railway and highway infrastructure. Specializing in major infrastructure projects, Ircon is necessary for enhancing India’s transport network. The company has a strong reputation for completing complex projects, not just in India but also in various international markets. Its expertise extends to designing, building, and maintaining railways, highways, bridges, flyovers, and industrial projects. Ircon is known for its efficient management and profitability, which is marked by a consistent track record of completing projects within budget and time constraints. Its diverse portfolio and international presence make Ircon an attractive prospect for investors interested in infrastructure development.

7. RITES Ltd


Stock Ticker: NSE: RITES
Market Cap: ₹164.21B
Share Price: ₹694.00
Dividend Yield per Annum: 2.78%


The third to last company on the best railway stocks in India list is RITES Ltd. This company was founded in 1974 and it is a government-owned engineering consultancy specializing in transport infrastructure. This includes designing, developing, and managing railways, urban transport, roads, and highways projects. RITES’ strength lies in its diverse portfolio, extending services to governments and public sector enterprises domestically and internationally. Financially, the company is known for its strong performance, which is underpinned by a steady stream of projects and consultancy services. With its deep-rooted experience and technical expertise in transport infrastructure, RITES is a valuable investment option for those keen on infrastructure development and consulting services.

8. Rail Vikas Nigam Ltd

Rail Vikas Nigam Ltd

Stock Ticker: NSE: RVNL
Market Cap: ₹545.86B
Share Price: ₹264.20
Dividend Yield per Annum: 0.81%


The second to last company on the best railway stocks in India list is Rail Vikas Nigam Ltd (RVNL). The company was founded in 2003, operates as a project execution agency under the Ministry of Railways in India. Its primary role involves implementing and overseeing various railway projects, including new lines, gauge conversion, railway electrification, and metropolitan transport projects. RVNL’s expertise lies in fast-tracking railway projects by mobilizing financial resources and applying effective project management strategies. The company is outstanding in modernizing and enhancing India’s railway infrastructure, contributing to the overall improvement in efficiency and capacity of the rail network. Financially, RVNL has established a track record of steady growth, mainly driven by the increasing investment in railway infrastructure across the country. This strategic focus on large-scale infrastructure projects makes RVNL a top player in India’s railway development and an attractive choice for investors looking at infrastructure growth.

9. Texmaco Rail & Engineering Ltd

Texmaco Rail & Engineering Ltd

Stock Ticker: NSE: TEXRAIL
Market Cap: ₹68.71B
Share Price: ₹173.55
Dividend Yield per Annum: 0.09%


The first to last company on the best railway stocks in India list is Texmaco Rail & Engineering Ltd. This company was established in 1939, and well-known in the Indian rail industry. It is known for its engineering and manufacturing capabilities. The company produces railway freight cars, hydro-mechanical equipment, and steel structures. It plays a major role in India’s rail freight sector with its wide range of wagons, including specialized and general-purpose freight wagons. Texmaco also engages in steel foundry and heavy engineering, contributing to the infrastructure and defense sectors. Financially, the company is recognized for its innovation and adaptability, consistently exploring new markets and product lines. This diversification and commitment to quality make Texmaco a notable entity in the engineering and manufacturing area. It also attracts investors who value industrial growth and innovation.

10. Titagarh Rail Systems Ltd

Titagarh Rail Systems Ltd

Stock Ticker: NSE: TITAGARH
Market Cap: ₹127.85B
Share Price: ₹956.05
Dividend Yield per Annum: 0.05%


The last company on the best railway stocks in India list is Titagarh Rail Systems Ltd. The company was formerly known as Titagarh Wagons Ltd, which was established in 1997. It has carved a niche in the Indian Railway sector as a leading manufacturer of wagons. The company has expanded its expertise to include various products, such as passenger coaches, metro cars, and Bailey bridges. Titagarh stands out for its innovation and manufacturing excellence, consistently delivering quality products that meet the dynamic needs of the railway industry. Their venture into passenger coach and metro manufacturing marks a significant diversification, aligning with the country’s growing urban transit requirements. Financially, Titagarh is recognized for its strategic growth and market responsiveness, making it an appealing choice for investors looking for strong performance and potential in the railway manufacturing sector.

Key Considerations Before Investing in Railway Stocks in India

Investing in railway stocks in India can be a promising venture but requires careful analysis and consideration. These are some key aspects to consider before diving into this investment domain:

Regulatory Environment

Government decisions heavily influence this sector. Traders should stay informed about tax changes, public-private partnerships, and infrastructure investments because these can significantly impact stock performance.

Company Fundamentals

Analyzing a company’s financial health, earnings, debt levels, and growth prospects reveals much about its investment potential. Financially strong companies with steady revenue and clear growth strategies usually offer better investment opportunities.

Diversification in the Railway Sector

The sector includes freight, passenger services, manufacturing, and infrastructure. Balancing investments across these areas can help manage risks and increase different growth potentials.

Technological Advancements

Focusing on companies that invest in technology can be a wise move. These companies often lead in efficiency and customer service, staying competitive in the market.

Dividend History and Payouts

Examining stocks’ dividend history and payout ratios can guide investors looking for regular income. Stocks with stable or growing dividends often reflect financial stability.

Long-Term Perspective

Viewing railway investments in the long term can be more beneficial. Their full potential often unfolds over extended periods.

Risk Assessment

Gauging risks like market volatility and economic downturns alongside sector-specific challenges helps make informed investment decisions.

Pros and Cons of Investing in Railway Stocks

Investing in railway stocks in India offers unique opportunities and challenges. Investors must weigh these carefully to make informed decisions.

  • Stable growth potential
  • Diversification benefits
  • Government support
  • Modernization and expansion opportunities
  • Market sensitivity
  • Capital-intensive nature
  • Regulatory risks
  • Infrastructure project risks

Pros Explained

  • The railway sector typically shows steady growth due to the consistent demand for transportation and significant government investments.
  • Having railway stocks in a portfolio can raise diversification, reducing risk by spreading investments across different sectors.
  • Many railway companies benefit from substantial government support for funding, policy backing, and infrastructural projects, which adds a layer of security to these investments.
  • With ongoing modernization and expansion, the sector has potential for growth, especially for companies involved in these projects.

Cons Explained

  • Railway stocks can be sensitive to economic downturns and policy changes, leading to volatility in their performance.
  • The railway industry is capital-intensive, requiring heavy investment in infrastructure, which can lead to financial stress on companies.
  • As a heavily regulated sector, changes in government policies or regulations can significantly impact the performance of railway companies.
  • Large-scale infrastructure projects in the railway sector are prone to delays and budget overruns, which can adversely affect the stock performance of the companies involved.


Railway stocks in India can be a good choice for investors, but it’s important to look at both the good and the challenging parts. The railway sector is growing and getting better with new technology, and it has strong support from the government. This means there could be good chances for making profit. Moreover, there are different kinds of investments in this sector, like in freight or passenger services. 

However, like all investments, there are risks. The market can change, and government rules can affect how these stocks do. Also, big projects in railways can cost a lot, which might be tough for some companies. So, while railway stocks have potential, it’s smart to think carefully and choose what fits your investment plan.


1. What factors contribute to the demand for railway stocks in India?

The sector’s role influences the demand for railway stocks in transportation, ongoing infrastructure projects, government support, and the general growth of the Indian economy.

2. How has the Indian railway sector evolved over recent years?

The sector has seen considerable advancements, including modernization of services, electrification of tracks, implementation of high-speed trains, and an emphasis on digital ticketing and passenger services.

3. What are the key financial metrics to consider when evaluating railway stocks?

Important metrics include market capitalization, PE ratio, dividend yield, earnings growth, and debt-to-equity ratio. These provide insights into a company’s financial health and future potential.

4. What risks are associated with investing in railway stocks in India?

Risks include market volatility, regulatory changes, capital intensity of infrastructure projects, and potential delays or overruns in large projects.

5. How does the performance of Indian railway stocks compare to other sectors?

Railway stocks typically offer stable growth, supported by government initiatives, though they may have a low growth potential in some other sectors like technology or healthcare.

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