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Mwali International Services Authority (MISA)

When considering starting a business or expanding an existing one, it’s essential to think about obtaining a license from a reputable regulatory organization. A thing for ensures that your business operates within the bounds of the law and fosters trust among consumers. This article will introduce you to Mwali International Services Authority (MISA).

What Is Mwali International Services Authority?

Mwali International Services Authority (MISA) serves as a regulatory body that issues licenses to various industries, such as selling online gaming, forex trading, and e-commerce. The Comoros Islands, a cluster of small islands situated off the East African coast, serve as the headquarters for this authority. Established in 2018, MISA has rapidly evolved into one of the most renowned licensing organizations in the region.

Key Takeaways

  • MISA provides licenses for industries like banking, insurance, investment services, and money services, each with specific conditions.
  • A MISA license expands customer reach, boosts credibility, and safeguards against fraud and unlawful activities.
  • To obtain a MISA license, businesses need legal registration, financial qualifications, a comprehensive business plan, due diligence checks, and regulatory compliance.

The Importance of MISA License

The MISA license is increasingly popular among offshore companies for tax savings and asset protection. It offers privacy, low taxation, and cost-effective options for small and medium-sized firms. Notably, it’s widely accepted by international financial institutions, simplifying banking and payment processes. Moreover, it is more budget-friendly than alternatives, making them accessible to small businesses for legal operations. 

4 Types of MISA License 

MISA provides various licensing options for different types of companies. Here are some of the most common license types:

1. Banking License

This allows businesses to conduct banking activities within MISA’s jurisdiction, including deposits, loans, and related services.

  • Requirements: Corporation registration in MISA, a minimum capital of $1 million, a physical presence in MISA, and a strong financial track record.

2. Insurance License

This allows businesses to offer insurance services under MISA’s jurisdiction, covering health, life, and other types of insurance.

  • Requirements: Corporation registration in MISA, an initial investment of at least $500,000, a physical presence in MISA, and a solid financial history.

3. Investment Services License

This grants businesses the ability to provide investment services within MISA, such as portfolio management and investment advice.

  • Requirements: Corporation registration in MISA, a minimum capital of $250,000, a physical presence in MISA, and a strong financial history.

4. Money Services License

This allows businesses to offer money transfer and remittance services in compliance with MISA regulations.

  • Requirements: Corporation registration in MISA, a minimum capital of $100,000, a physical presence in MISA, and a solid financial history.

Mwali International Services Authority License Requirements

To obtain a license from MISA, businesses must meet specific criteria. The typical requirements for obtaining a license from MISA include:

1. Company Registration

The applicant must be legally registered and incorporated in their home country, along with having a physical location and legal representation.

2. Capital Requirements 

Depending on the desired license type, the company must meet certain financial criteria. For instance, a banking license applicant must have a minimum of $1,000,000 in capital.

3. Business Plan

A detailed business plan outlining the intended activities, target market, and expected revenue must be provided.

4. Due Diligence

MISA mandates extensive due diligence on the company’s directors, shareholders, and ultimate beneficial owners. This involves background checks, credit checks, and source of funds verification.

5. Compliance

The organization must adhere to the regulations of the country where it operates and international standards for anti-money laundering (AML) and client identification (KYC).

How to Get a MISA License

The process of applying for a MISA license is straightforward. Here are the steps:

1. Determine the Type of License

First, identify the specific type of license your company needs. You can find a list for all types on the MISA website.

2. Application Form

Download and complete the application form from the MISA website.

3. Documentation

Prepare various documents, including proof of identification, a business plan, and financial records.

4. Submission

Submit your application to MISA for assessment. You can expect to receive a decision within a few weeks.

5. Approval

Upon approval, you’ll need to pay the licensing fee and sign the agreement to finalize the process.

⚠️Tip: It should be noted that the information given could change, and people should look for the most up-to-date information.

5 Businesses with a MISA License

Here are the great examples of brokers that have gotten the Mwali International Services Authority License and can now realize their full potential.

Name of EntityLicense No.Date of IncorporationStatus
IQX Trade Group LLCT202316131/01/2023Active
IUX MARKETS LIMITEDT202317223/02/2023Active
CIB Capital Investment Brokers LtdT202318110/03/2023Active
Blaze Markets LimitedT202318310/03/2023Active
Zeno Markets LtdT202317706/03/2023Active


MISA offers a range of permits enabling businesses to operate within its territory. These include licenses for banking, insurance, investment services, and money services, each with its own specific conditions that businesses must meet for approval. Acquiring a MISA license provides businesses access to a broader consumer base, boosts credibility and confidence, and offers protection against financial fraud and other illegal activities.


1. What is the Mwali International Services Authority all about?

MISA is a regulatory authority granting licenses for banking, insurance, investment, and money services.

2. Why is a MISA license important?

It’s crucial for legal operations, broadening customer reach, boosting credibility, and ensuring protection against fraud.

3. What are the main types of licenses offered by MISA?

Banking, insurance, investment, and money services licenses.

4. What do companies need to have before they can get a MISA license?

Legal registration, financial criteria, a business plan, due diligence checks, and compliance with regulations.

5. How can a business apply for a MISA license?

Choose your license type, complete the form, provide documents, submit for assessment, and, upon approval, pay the fee and sign the agreement.

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